4-27 Meeting Reportback….Next Meeting Sunday!

Students, Parents Workers:

About 75 folks convened in the Grant High School Library on 4/27. On May 1st we plan to shutdown PPS Headquarters in act of protest aganist the existing budget measures which would see teachers and subsequently educational programs cut. High Schools and Teachers Unions everywhere are going on strike May 1st in solidarity and in celebration of International Workers’ Day. We are not alone is this action. When we rally at 7:30am we will ask PPS workers, visitors and the world to not cross our picketline and to resist a system that would prioritize war and profit over education.

On Sunday a Aesthetic will meet and design Picket Signs and Banners. This is an open event at a students house at 2528 Ne 8th off of Brazee at 3pm. Those who come are encouraged to bring money (5-10 dollars would be great 🙂 ) or supplies (cardboard, brushes, paint, signs, etc.)

For May 1st those using public transportation our Max Meetup times are: 6:25am and 7:05am at the Hollywood Transit Center. We will ride the Max to the Rose Quarter Transit center and march to PPS Headquarters. There will be folks with cars shuttling people/supplies around. Got a Sign/Picket? A car will deliver it from the transit center to the rally point at PPS Headquarters so you don’t have carry it around on the Max.


3 thoughts on “4-27 Meeting Reportback….Next Meeting Sunday!

  1. Bonnie Hunt says:

    While some of these concerns about the state of Portland Public Schools are valid, it is ridiculous to shut down the Blanchard building (PPS headquarters). The real roadblocks to balancing the budget are either A) get more money somewhere (not likely until the unemployed are back at work and paying taxes) or B) take furlough days. The roadblock to furlough days is NOT COMING FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS … it is coming from the Teacher’s Union. The union headquarters are NOT LOCATED at the BESC/PPS headquarters. THEY are the ones you folks need to be bullying … not us unrepresented workers at the PPS headquarters. All you’re doing by shutting down the headquarters is hurting the teachers and students by denying them the BASIC SERVICES they need to conduct school: FOOD, COMPUTER SUPPORT, HR Assistance, COPYING SERVICES, etc.

    Not too late to change your plans, guys. Find out where the Teacher’s Union Headquarters are and GO THERE.

    • We will not attack unionized workers who are already under the boot of these austerity measures receiving extremely low pay for the incredible service they provide to our society. Administration is likewise being cut, this action is not fighting against them, infact we want them to join our picketline May 1st and demand that educational services be prioritized over military spending and the criminalization of youth. Teachers and Students Unions have endorsed this event even considering the possible shortcomings it may bring to their day. There are many solutions we are purposing: redirection of existing funds, expansion on state revenue by creating a small income tax, a luxury tax or a more progressive income tax on the basis of a “buffet rule”. You are creating a false dichotomy which picks on unionized workers probably because you are anti – union. We want unity, an alliance between unionized workers, unrepresented workers and students to demand a readdressing of our grievances. We live in a world of wealth and opportunity, we shouldn’t have to take furlough days, and we shouldn’t have to concede anything. We hope to see you May 1st on our picketline, till then, SOLIDARITY.

    • Cory says:

      Furlough days would solve nothing.
      Corporations paying just a little bit of state tax would help a lot.

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