Spokescouncil meeting notes – Public Meeting on 4/27 btw

On 4/25 reps from our Outreach and Logistical/Tactical Committee meet and reviewed what their groups had come together with. We discussed the large tactical questions of facilitating the actual process of a shut down (community picket v. blockaide), logistical questions regarding keeping everyone full (ie food will be provided! yay!) and Outreach will be distributing fliers and talking to classes individually. We affirmed our demands listed in the previous post. The press will be invited May 1st to cover our strike. Much of the fine details on what will happen May 1st, as well as opportunities for students to plug in and contribute in organizing this and future actions will arise on the Public Meeting Friday 4/27 in the Grant High School Library. For students who can’t make this for personal reasons or for being in other schools, meeting notes will be posted and opportunities for your contribution will be granted!

More information coming soon 🙂

On May 1st, we strike back, we shutdown!



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