4-27 Meeting Reportback….Next Meeting Sunday!

Students, Parents Workers:

About 75 folks convened in the Grant High School Library on 4/27. On May 1st we plan to shutdown PPS Headquarters in act of protest aganist the existing budget measures which would see teachers and subsequently educational programs cut. High Schools and Teachers Unions everywhere are going on strike May 1st in solidarity and in celebration of International Workers’ Day. We are not alone is this action. When we rally at 7:30am we will ask PPS workers, visitors and the world to not cross our picketline and to resist a system that would prioritize war and profit over education.

On Sunday a Aesthetic will meet and design Picket Signs and Banners. This is an open event at a students house at 2528 Ne 8th off of Brazee at 3pm. Those who come are encouraged to bring money (5-10 dollars would be great 🙂 ) or supplies (cardboard, brushes, paint, signs, etc.)

For May 1st those using public transportation our Max Meetup times are: 6:25am and 7:05am at the Hollywood Transit Center. We will ride the Max to the Rose Quarter Transit center and march to PPS Headquarters. There will be folks with cars shuttling people/supplies around. Got a Sign/Picket? A car will deliver it from the transit center to the rally point at PPS Headquarters so you don’t have carry it around on the Max.


Spokescouncil meeting notes – Public Meeting on 4/27 btw

On 4/25 reps from our Outreach and Logistical/Tactical Committee meet and reviewed what their groups had come together with. We discussed the large tactical questions of facilitating the actual process of a shut down (community picket v. blockaide), logistical questions regarding keeping everyone full (ie food will be provided! yay!) and Outreach will be distributing fliers and talking to classes individually. We affirmed our demands listed in the previous post. The press will be invited May 1st to cover our strike. Much of the fine details on what will happen May 1st, as well as opportunities for students to plug in and contribute in organizing this and future actions will arise on the Public Meeting Friday 4/27 in the Grant High School Library. For students who can’t make this for personal reasons or for being in other schools, meeting notes will be posted and opportunities for your contribution will be granted!

More information coming soon 🙂

On May 1st, we strike back, we shutdown!


Agenda notes – 4/20

Between 30 – 40 students assembled in the Grant High School library on 4/20 in the first meeting to facilitate the May 1st Shutdown of PPS Headquarters in protest of the current budget proposal that would see 110 teachers cut and with them, a number of essential programs. This plan of action by students was ratified and we will go on strike May 1st. The following is a rough draft list of demands created by our Outreach Committee which will be delivered to PPS on May 1st:

-Teachers re-instated *
-All kids able to know and meet graduation requirements **
-Continued arts programs
-Reinstated technical programs ***
-Study halls and reading & research not actual class time ****
-No limits on college level classes, nor enormous intro-level classes

* Those purposed to be cut by the existing budget plan

** Graduation requirements need to be made clear. PPS has a working plan to push off health class for sophomores till their senior year.

*** The combining of learning and doing, the reinstatement of those programs in carpentry, welding, mechanics, etc. that used to be offered for previous generations that are more then ever essential for the modern economy.

**** Study Hall and “Reading and Research” are not classes, PPS defines them as so to deny us the classes they are obligated to offer us.

Logistical/Tactical Committee meet and discussed carpooling, setting up coherent directions for those using Trimet, creating a am/pm shift plan, getting food, drinks and setting up the mechanisms to keep morale high. A recon team will meet Sunday.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Lena Wright or Paul Wells.  There is still room on either committee. Next open meeting is TBA.

May 1st:  we strike for our future.

First meeting friday in the library! Get Involved!

The shutdown has been announced. On May 1st students will shutdown PPS headquarters in a symbolic action aganist the budget cuts which will see teachers and programs cut. We’ve already lost enough, and enough is enough. No more, we declare. We will have a public meeting in the library this Friday to plan this and facilitate this shutdown. While we recognize Friday is a recreational holiday *cough* 4/20 *cough* we need your full attendance to make this a success.